Alwa Hotel Boutique

Alwa in Aymara language means dawn, new beginnings … Meaning that inspired its promoters to start a different concept of lodging in Arequipa Alwa Hotel Boutique.

Located in Arequipa, one of the most beautiful cities of Peru, Alwa stands out for the warmth of its attention, its unique location, the careful personalized service, as well as for the design and comfort of its environments that are conjugated with the sky blue Arequipa And the radiant sun that accompanies us daily. We have 02 hotel lines in Arequipa. Arequipa Hotel Premium and Arequipa Hotel Classic.

The exquisite and varied gastronomy of the place expressed in its traditional picanterías, the art embodied in its Baroque architecture made of stone of sillar, the picturesque and colorful countryside as well as the majesty of its volcanoes, that make of Arequipa Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, and By the way of Alwa Hotel Boutique, a destination that you can not miss.

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